Chart of Accounts


The Chart of Accounts Report allows you to print a complete listing of all your accounts—your master list.

This report, as with others in the Finance module, can print any combination of Funds, Major Groups, Minor Groups, Responsibility Codes, and Church Body. Simply click the button for one of those items and move one or more of the options from the pick and choose list from the left side to the right side. After clicking OK, that option(s) will be listed in the box next to the button. If you need to reset those boxes, simply click the Reset button.

  1. Find this report by going to “Reports” in the menu bar and selecting “Chart of Accounts.”
  2. Choose any fund or group filters you want.
  3. Now choose if you want to see the standard groupings on your report or just a condensed list of accounts without heading.
  4. Finally choose if you want to see active accounts, inactive accounts, or both.
  5. Click Preview to view the Chart of Accounts or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.



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