To-Do List


The To-Do List is where church workers go to find their tasks. If you are the Office Manager, you can use the To-Do List to keep track of everyone’s tasks.

The To-Do List opens when you open any module and is docked to the right side of the screen.

  1. Click “Mark this Task Completed” to launch the “Complete this task” window. When completing a task, you will need to select a Date Completed and the person who completed the task.
  2. The “Print a To-Do List” button lets you print a To-Do List report. Filter your task report by the task status or task name. You may select your desired time frame and several different options. 
  3. Using the “Add a one-time task” button allows you to create a one-time task, set a due date, and assign a category and the person or people responsible for it. 
  4. Click the “View or change the selected task” button to update or correct a task. Changes to a task go into effect immediately when the OK button is clicked. 
  5. Use the “Delete this task” button to permanently delete a task.
  6. Click the “Task Manager” button to open the Task Manager utility used for creating and managing task templates.

You can also limit the information seen on the To-Do List by using any of the provided filters.

» Open tasks starting in the next 90 days—Shows the next 90 days worth of open tasks for you or everyone.

» Show by—Groups tasks by one of several options. A few examples of grouping options are Tasks, Date / Task, and Person / Task.

» Task that are—Allows you to display open tasks (including past due tasks), only past due tasks, or completed tasks.

» For [n] days ahead / past—Filters by number of days when displaying open or completed tasks. You can specify how far ahead or in the past to display tasks. (This option does not apply when displaying past due tasks and is hidden.)

» Use the task—Allows you to show start date or due date. This option only appears when displaying open tasks.

Note: If you would prefer not to show the To-Do List upon launch, uncheck the box by “Show on start-up.”