Repeating Task


Templates are an essential part of the Task Manager. A task template is used to create repeating tasks and save all of your settings for later use. There are two types of repeating tasks: a Task based on a recurring schedule and a Task triggered by an Action. We suggest using the repeating task feature as much as possible.

The Task Templates tab contains three sub-tabs: Task, Steps to Complete, and Documents / References. Each sub-tab allows you to further customize your task templates.

» Task—The Task sub-tab holds all of the settings needed to create your repeating task template.

» Steps to Complete—Use this area to give your church workers or volunteers the instructions needed to complete a task. You may enter up to 50 steps.

» Documents / References—When you want to provide additional reference material to clarify the task at hand, use this sub-tab to attach supplementary information to the task template.

Note: The three sub-tabs will always relate directly to the currently selected task in your task list.

  1. You can access the Task Manager from every module inside Shepherd’s Staff by clicking Tools and selecting Task Manager. You can also open the Task Manager from the To Do . . . list by clicking the Task Manager Icon located at the bottom. 
  2. Click New Task to start the creating a new Task Template.
  3. Enter the Task name (required), Category, and Description / overview. 
  4. Under the “Repeat this task” section, select the appropriate schedule. 
  5. Assign responsibility or ownership to these tasks to ensure they are completed in a timely manner. You can assign up to three people to a single task. 
  6. You may also need to set a “Task start date,” set the “Days allowed to complete it,” and enter a “Stop repeating on” date. 
  7. Make sure to click Save.

Note: If this task has a future start date, check the “Make inactive until after” checkbox and fill in the appropriate date.