Envelope Renumbering Process


Every contributor has a current envelope number and a next year’s envelope number.

The current envelope number is used when entering offerings, creating pledges, etc. The next year’s envelope number is the number a contributor will use the next year.

Both of these numbers are stored on the person’s contributor record which can be found by going to “Contributor” in the menu bar and choosing “Records.”

If your church doesn’t change envelope numbers each year or if you assign your envelopes manually, renumbering next year envelopes is not necessary.

The renumbering process is a 5-step process.

Note: If you plan on everyone keeping their same numbers, you may want to switch steps 3 and 4. That way the new contributors will fill in some of the open lower envelopes rather than keeping a higher number.

  1. Make a Backup
    • The first step in this process is making a backup. You can find the steps for this on the “Backing up Your Database” page in the front of this manual.
  2. Skip Unused Envelopes
    • Next review the current Contributor Records and mark those who need to be skipped. A skipped Envelope Number isn’t deleted or removed, it simply won’t be renumbered (in fact, a 5-digit number over 10,000 will be assigned to make the old number assignable for someone else next year). 
    • To Skip an Envelope Number, click on Records, Contributors, and then Edit a Contributor Record. 
    • Check the box “Skip This Envelope When Renumbering,” and then click OK. Do this to all Envelopes that need to be skipped before renumbering Envelopes. 
  3. Add New Contributors
    • At this point you will want to add any new contributors so that they are included in the Re-number utility.
    • To Add a Contributor, click on Records, choose Contributors, and then click the Add button.


The next step is renumbering the envelopes and to do this we will use the “Renumber Next Year Envelopes” utility.

This utility will give you two options:

» Use the “Current Year” numbers for “Next Year’s” numbers—Everyone will keep their numbers for next year (except skipped contributors).

» Assign “Next Year’s” Numbers Alphabetically—Everyone will get a new number based on their place alphabetically.

This utility will only change the “Envelope (Next Year)” field. This number will not be used for the contributor until you finish step 5.

After step four you can:

» Print your envelope box labels (See the page in this section entitled “Envelope Box Labels”).

» Print your contributor list so that you have a reference of who had which number (See the page on “Contributor List Report”).

     4. Renumber Next Year Envelopes

    • Access this utility by going to “Utilities” in the menu bar and choosing “Renumber Next Year Envelopes.”
    • Choose which option you want and then click OK to start the utility.
    • Answer Yes to the question to complete the action.



The final step in renumbering the envelopes is to start using the new envelopes.

This step will come a few weeks or months after the first four steps so you may want to set yourself a reminder so that you remember to do it.

Since there is this break in time, you may also want to make a backup prior to this step since information will have changed.

It’s recommended that you also print out a contributor list.

This utility will copy the “Envelope (Next Year’s)” field to the “Envelope (Current)” field.

     5. Start using Next Year’s Envelope numbers

    • The final step in Renumbering is to choose Start Using Next Year’s Envelopes during the Year End process.
    • Access this utility by going to “Utilities” in the menu bar and choosing “Start using Next Year’s Envelope numbers.”
    • Click Yes to complete the utility.

Congratulations! You have finished re-numbering your envelopes!

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