Mailing Labels


Printing labels is one of the most frequent tasks you will undertake in Shepherd’s Staff. Knowing this, we have made an easy-to-use report for accomplishing this task.

  1. The first step is to choose the group for which you need these labels. You can select all records, a Subgroup of records, or even just one person or household. Apart from those options, you can run labels for a specific activity, skill, or training list, as well as using the built-in Household Newsletter group.
    • Note: The Household Newsletter list is based on the Household Newsletter check box on the Household record. You can easily change this list by unlocking the Household Grid and checking (or unchecking) which members you want on the list.
  2. The next step is choosing the content of the labels from the drop-down boxes on the right.
    • Style or Report—Choose which types of labels you are using. We have included three of the most popular types of labels. If you want to find out a summary of zip codes, you can do that by choosing one of the zip code options.
    • Content—This will determine if you want household or person labels and what you want the heading of the those labels to be. Keep in mind that the top 3 options are based on user-entered fields. For example, if you choose to use “Household—Label Name 1,” it will pull the information that is in the “Label Name Style 1” text field from the Household record. So if the Smith Household has “Grandpa and Grandma” typed into the “Label Name Style 1” field, then the Smith Household’s label will say “Grandpa and Grandma.”
    • Address—You can choose to print these labels for primary or alternate address. Most of the time you will probably want to choose the alternate as the family may not be checking or receiving mail at their permanent address.
    • Sort by—You can choose to sort these by zip code or name.
    • Font—Choose which font you want to use for these labels.
  3. The final step is to choose any of the available options for your labels. These options include printing in bulk mail format, not printing the bar codes, and a few filters for showing Members Only or not showing removed people. Remember that if you choose “Exclude Removed Persons,” you may still see a removed person if you used a user-entered option like “Label Name 1” and the removed person is still in that field. 
  4. Another handy feature is the “Skip # labels” option. This allows you to re-use a page of labels that is missing a couple. So if your page of labels is missing the first 2 labels, you can put a 2 in the # box and the labels won’t start until that third label. It’s a great way to reduce waste and save money.
  5. After choosing the settings, you want, click Preview to view your labels.
    • Intelligent Mail Bar Codes—If you need to use Intelligent Mail Bar Codes on your labels, click the button for Setup IMB. Your postmaster should have given you a Mailer ID number, and after you enter that in the specified field, your labels will print with Intelligent Mail Bar Codes.



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