Contribution Analysis and Top Givers


There are seven report types you can generate with this report:

» Summary—This report groups contributors into giving ranges based on their total offerings to selected funds over a date range. The ranges are broken down into weekly, monthly and yearly amounts It is an analysis, using averages, and is not intended to be an exact representation of offerings given.

» Detail—Similar to the summary report except it gives you contributor information in each monetary range.

» Top Givers—This report allows you to identify the top contributors to All Funds or a specific fund. The number of givers shown is based on the Top Givers field.

» Monthly Comparison—Compares your monthly offerings in a grid and bar graphs.

» Monthly Fund Comparison—Groups your offering into funds and then compares them for each month.

» Yearly Comparison—Compares your total offerings over the selected years. This report includes a graph.

» 10-Year Fund Comparison—Funds compared for the last 10 years.

  1. Access this report by clicking on Reports and then choosing “Contribution Analysis and Top Givers.”
  2. You can run this report for all contributors or just a Subgroup.
  3. Pick the date range you want this report to run for.
  4. Choose one of the seven listed reports under Report type.
  5. If you choose the Top Givers Report, make sure to set the number of top givers you wish to see in the Top Givers field.
  6. Choose the Funds you want to show on this report. You can see All Funds or you can pick specific Funds by clicking on the Funds button.
  7. Once you have your settings chosen, click the Preview button to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.
  8. The Summary and Detail Reports can be graphed using the Graph button.
  9. You can make a static Subgroup of the Top Givers Report so that you can use this list of people on other Reports such as mailing labels or contribution statements.