Emailing Statements


If you wish to email your contribution statements, there is a little setup involved before you can begin.

First, complete the steps in the “Setting up Email” article. This will make sure you have access to the email features in Shepherd’s Staff and that you can use email with this computer’s configuration.

Next, make sure you have contributors who prefer to receive their statements by email. You can check this by going to “Contributor” in the menu bar and choosing “Records”. On the grid that appears, look for the “Statements by” column. Anyone who wants their statement emailed to them should have “Email” in this column.

To edit the “Statements by” field for a person, click the “Unlock” button at the bottom of the window. Then click on the “Statements by” field for the person and use the arrow to change the selection. When you are done, click “Lock” at the bottom of the window. (You can also edit this by double-clicking a person’s name on the grid and changing their selection under “Prefers Statements to be sent by”.)

After you have completed these steps, your system is ready to email contribution statements.

  1. Click “Reports” in the top menu.
  2. Select “Statements and Mailing Labels”. 
  3. Once the statements are set up, click the “E-mail Statements” button.
  4. The statements will appear in a preview window with the list of intended recipients on the left. Check to see if any of the recipients are missing an email address. If there are boxes with no check marks, click the “Missing e-mail” button at the bottom of the view. If you need to add an email address for any people, you can do so by editing their contributor record (the same place as you set their paper/email preference).
  5. Once everyone has an email address saved, click the “E-mail the Statements” tab at the top of the window.
  6. Fill out the “From” and “Subject” sections, and then select a message by clicking the “Select or Create a Message” button.
  7. Click the “Send the Statements” button to send the emails to your email software. Finish sending the emails through that program.