Recurrent Offerings


More and more churches are allowing contributors to give electronically. This involves setting up an EFT (“electronic fund transfer”) between the contributor’s bank and the church’s bank, where funds are automatically transferred from the contributor’s bank account to the church’s bank account on a set day of the week or month.

A popular method of doing this with Lutheran churches is the program “Simply Giving,” which simplifies the EFT setup process, and coordinates the transfers on behalf of the church. We’ve modeled our Recurrent Offering design to match how Simply Giving works, including the time periods (“frequencies”) we provide.

There are two steps in the recurrent offering process:

» Adding a Recurrent Offering Template

» Generating Recurrent Offering Template

» Adding a Recurrent Offering Template

  1. From the Records menu, select Recurrent Offerings or simply click the second “O” icon from the toolbar. Either method will open the Recurrent Offering Templates Grid. 
  2. From the Recurrent Offering Template Grid, click Add. 
  3. Start by selecting the envelope from the drop-down menu. Skip the “Total Offering” for now.
  4. Next choose the frequency for this offering. For a list of frequency definitions click F1 on your keyboard.
  5. Set the dates for this offering. If it’s indefinite, you probably want to set it for the year and then use the copy option to extend it every year’s end.
  6. Now choose the funds that are being given to and how much each fund is getting per the frequency setting.
  7. Once those settings are in, click the arrow next to total offering to generate that amount.
  8. When finished, click OK.
  9. Any future templates are color-coded with light yellow and past templates are light blue.

» Generating Recurrent Offerings

When a user starts Contributions, the program checks for Recurrent Offerings that need to be generated. This is done as follows:

To do this, it gathers all Active Recurrent Offering templates. It then cycles through the Active templates and determines how many offerings need to be generated based on the current date, Frequency, Last Applied date, and End Date.

Note: Any single template’s offerings may need to be generated more than one time, especially if the church has skipped doing so for several weeks.

  1. If offerings need to be generated, the program displays a message that tells the user how many are due and displays a flashing light-bulb indicator in the toolbar.
  2. Clicking the light-bulb icon launches the Recurrent Offerings window.
  3. The Recurrent Offering Templates Grid lists all active and future templates.
  4. Clicking Generate displays a message containing the number of offerings that will be generated. If you have not added any new templates, then this number should match the one in the message that appeared when you started the Contributions module.
  5. Clicking Yes creates an Offering Batch for each offering date, containing an individual line for each fund and amount within each Recurrent Offering that is due.
  6. Each line in the Batch is given a special description of “Recurrent Offering,” which remains with that offering line when the Batch posts. This identifies the offering as having been generated by the RO feature.
  7. To view the list of the generated offerings, you can view or print the offering Batch. From then on, posting the Batch works as with any other offering Batch.


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