Pledge Mail Merge


The Pledge Mail Merge uses the information on the Settings tab to create a mail merge field that can be used in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Other programs, such as Corel Word Perfect, can be used, but not with the Export buttons. This report can assist in generating custom letters, thank you notes, Pledge statements, etc.

This page walks you through the process of creating a letter that informs contributors of the progress they have made toward their pledges.

  1. To access this report, click on Reports and then choose “Pledge Mail Merge.”
  2. The first step in creating our progress letter is entering the dates of pledges on the Settings tab. In this case we are going to set the “Pledged-to-date as of” and “Given-to-date as of” field to today’s date.
  3. The “Pledges active from/to” dates will be set to the beginning and ending date of the pledges (probably 1/1 and 12/31 of the current year).
  4. After that, set the “Display pledged vs. given as” to your desired setting as this will change how the data exports. The “Type of Report” and “Sort by” do not affect the report.
  5. If you wish to pick specific funds, you can do that at this time or continue with all funds.
  6. At this point we are ready to prepare the export by clicking on the “Export/Mail Merge” tab.
  7. On this tab start by choosing the addresses you want to use.
  8. Choose how you want to sort the data.
  9. Finally choose how you want to export the data. We suggest using “Tab Separated.”
  10. Once you have the settings correct, click the “Create Merge File.”
  11. Select the location, enter a file name, and click save.
  12. The following steps take place in MS Word. Your version of MS Word may look different. Functionally, the steps will be very similar in any version of Word. Word 2010 is what is shown here. If you use a different word processing program, you will want to consult your program’s user information to learn the mail merge steps.
  13. After the letter is typed, place the cursor where the first Merge Field will go, click on Mailings, Start Mail Merge, and then click on the Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.
  14. Go through each step to complete the mail merge.
  15. On step 3, click browse and double-click on your merge file, click OK.
  16. In step 4, Click More items . . . and insert your fields.
  17. At step 6 you have the option to print or edit individual letters.
  18. The pictures on this page will show you an example of the pledge letter we have created. The top picture is the template and the bottom picture is the result.
  19. Using the same setup as the custom form letter, clicking on the Export to Spreadsheet button will open your default spreadsheet and drop the information into columns.
  20. Once the spreadsheet is open, edit the document as you see fit. This document was opened as a text file, so if you Save it, make sure and choose an Excel format as the file type. 
  21. The Mail Merge Report has endless possibilities. Any program that will import text can be used with the Mail Merge Report.