Handling Marriages


When a couple gets married, that couple must decide if they want their year-end statements that year to include both of their names or if they just want to stay separate for the rest of the year.

If they want them to stay separate, you won’t make these changes until after you have printed the year-end contribution statements.

If they want to combine offerings for the current year, you can make the following changes immediately. There are a couple of preliminary steps you want to take prior to starting this process.

The first step you want to take is creating a backup of your database. For instructions on this see the “Backing up Your Database” page in the front of the manual.

The second step is to print out contribution statements for each member of the couple that currently has an envelope. This is so they have a copy of which offerings were theirs prior to combining them on the same envelope. You may want to print a copy for the church’s records as well.

The steps after that will depend on whether either member of the couple currently has an envelope or if they both have envelopes.

One Member Has an Envelope:

  1. For this type we will add the spouse to the current envelope.
  2. First, make sure the spouse has Person Record in Membership and the couple is in the same Household. 
  3. In Contributions, click on Records, then Contributors.
  4. Edit the Envelope Number.
  5. Click on “This is a Shared Envelope” box, add the Spouse from the Joint Envelope list, and click OK.
  6. Click Yes, making the existing Offerings go toward the change.
  7. You are finished!

Both Members Have Envelopes:

  1. For this type we will join the two existing envelopes together.
  2. First, make sure the couple is in the same Household in Membership.
  3. Decide which Envelope Number stays and which will go (usually a Contributor’s decision to make).
  4. The next step will be to combine the two envelopes into one and to do that we will use the “Combine Contributions for 2 Envelopes” utility.
  5. After running that utility, you are finished.