Recreating a Batch Report


If you need to print a Batch report from a posted Batch, you can do that using the “Recreate Batch Report” utility. This utility will find the records involved in that Batch and then reprint them based on the current state of the records. This means that if you have made changes to some of these records, the report will show the records as they are now and not how they were.

Note: This utility only keeps 12 months of Batches. In order to print out a similar report on offering records older than that, you can go to the Offering Records Grid and use Print. Follow the steps in “Editing a Posted Batch,” but instead of making edits, you can use the Print button.

  1. To recreate a Batch, go to “Batches” in the menu bar and choose “Recreate Batch Report.”
  2. The list of Batches will appear in a window. (This may take some time depending on the speed of your computer).
  3. Select the Batch you want.
  4. Click Preview to view the reports or click Print to send them directly to the printer.
  5. This utility will print both the Summary and the Detail from a specific Batch. 
  6. Click Close when you are done.



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