Offering Batches


Now that we have seen how to add a single offering, you may be thinking that it will take a long time to enter Sunday’s offerings. For this reason, Shepherd’s Staff has a Batch utility included in the Contributions module that allows you to post a single day of offerings at one time. The Batch utility allows you to enter multiple offerings quickly, compartmentalize workflow, and even work from home.

Offering Batches let you type offerings in a grid format and by doing so you can move quickly between cells and rows by using either the “Enter” or “TAB” keys on your keyboard.

If you wish to compartmentalize the entry process, it’s possible to do so through the Batch utility and user security. For example, you can have one person put in the offerings just based off the envelope number without access to names or the ability to post. Then a second person can post that Batch after verifying its accuracy. In this way your contributors maintain their anonymity and the church gets a set of checks and balances for security.

After a Batch is entered, you also have the ability to save it and come back to it, or you can even export it to a flash drive to take home with you. Then you can work on it at home and import it back into the church database the next day.

  1. To access the Offering Batches Grid, click on Batches, then Offering Batches. You can also click the “B” icon on the toolbar. 
  2. In order to start an Offering Batch, click the Add button.

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