Add Offering Records


Once we have the Funds and Contributors set up, we are ready to track the offerings. We do this through the use of “Offering Records.” Offerings records are really the heart of the Contributions module. All reports and grids base their monetary totals off of the offering records they find within the database.

An offering record is defined as a single amount of money given by a contributor for a specific fund and specific date. So if a contributor gives money to two different funds on the same date you would need two different offering records.

A single offering can be added, edited, or deleted from the Offerings Grid.

Add (or Edit) an offering record

  1. To access the Offering Records Grid, click on Records, then Offerings. You can also click on the first “O” icon from the toolbar. 
  2. To add an offering, click Add (or Edit to edit).
  3. Choose the contributor.
  4. Fill in the amount and date.
  5. Choose the Fund this offering is for.
  6. (Optional) Fill in the pledge, check number, and special description.
  7. Once you are finished, click OK to save the offering record.

Delete an offering record

  1. Select the offering you want to delete.
  2. Click the delete button.



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