Contributor List Report


If you would like to print out a list of contributors, you can use the Contributor Lists / Envelope Box Labels Report. This report prints out all current Contributors and their associated Envelope Numbers.

There are two options for printing out a list of your contributors:

» One column of contributors

» Two columns of contributors

You can also print out a list of the envelope numbers not being used by selecting “Unused Envelope numbers.”

Note: For information on the envelope box label options see the year-end section of your manual.

  1. To access this report, click on “Reports” and then choose “Contributor Lists / Envelope Box Labels.”
  2. Start by selecting the format you want.
  3. Now choose how you want the report sorted.
  4. If you don’t want to see contributors that have been skipped, make sure to check the “Exclude envelopes to be skipped when renumbering” box
  5. You can also print for only a range of envelope numbers by using that check box.
  6. After choosing your options, click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.



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