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When Contributors approach or call the church office with questions about the recent Statement they received, churches should be able to quickly find the information about that Contributor.

The Offering, Pledge, Yearly Summary and Totals records have all been placed in a complete Contributor Details window. Any Gifts-in-kind recorded for this envelope will also appear under the corresponding tab. From this window, Offerings, Pledges and Summaries can be Added, Edited or Deleted, making this very handy.

This window also shows the primary address and gives you access to the persons membership information using the fast facts button. You can also print a label or statement for this specific envelope directly from this window.

Note: The “Contributor field on the records cannot be edited from contributor details. In order to edit the “Contributor,” you must go to the Offering Records grid.

  1. To open a Contributor Details window, click on Contributor in the menu bar and then choose “Details.” You can also click the first “C” icon on the toolbar. 
  2. Search the drop list for the Contributor’s name (or Envelope Number), and then click OK.
  3. From this window you can see this contributor’s associated records in pledges, offering, yearly summary, totals, gifts-in-kind, and recurrent offering templates.
  4. To add, edit, or delete a record on any of these tabs, go to the desired tab and click the button for the desired action.
  5. When you are done with this contributor’s details, click Close to exit the window.



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