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The Secure Check-In program operates separately from the kiosk, and accesses a different set of Attendance Events, specifically those Events marked as “Enable Secure Check-In” on the “Check-In Settings” folder of the Event’s record in Attendance.

Note: Every person in Shepherd’s Staff is automatically assigned a unique ID number; the numbers are never duplicated or reused. This ID number is used to uniquely identify your enrollees, and is the number that will print on their name badge (or turned into a barcode). The ID number column is hidden by default. To show the numbers, check the “Show the ID” box.

  1. To start the Secure Check-In, click the Secure button.
  2. At the top is the current date, for which the Attendance Batch(es) are created. This date cannot be changed.
  3. Pick an Event for the Secure Events field. These are all the secure Events that are assigned to this machine and match the month/weekday pattern or date (the time of day does not play a role).
  4. The grid will then display the enrollees for the selected Event, taking into account any search criteria.
  5. Each enrollee has an Info button that allows you to see personal information about the child. This includes the child’s address and other contact information, birth date and Sunday School grade, and parent/guardian names. (Note: Changes to the personal information are automatically applied to your Membership data in Shepherd’s Staff).
  6. If there is an “Rx” for the person, that indicates that there is medical or allergy information about the child that staff members need to be aware of. The “Rx” also prints on the child’s name badge.
  7. In order to find a person, you can either scroll the list or you can search by name, ID, or barcode.
  8. The ID numbers are hidden by default. If you would like to see them, you can check the “Show the ID” box.
  9. Once you find the person, check the present box (or double-click the name) to check him or her in. You can also highlight the name and click the green check mark button. If you are using labels and Auto-print Badges is turned on, a badge will print now.
  10. If the auto-print is turned off, you can use the “Print Name Badge & Receipt” button to manually print a badge for that person. (The default for the auto-print check box is located under Settings / Options).
  11. If a person is not in this list and you want to add him or her, you will need to Enroll that person.
  12. To add a person who is already in the database: Select “Is already in Shepherd’s Staff” and then search for the person by typing at least three letters of his or her name, and using the “Children 10 and under,” “All children” (i.e. all people marked as a child in the Membership module), or “All people” filters.
  13. When you locate the person to enroll, click the Select button to go to the Personal Information window. Verify the person’s information and make any necessary changes. Click “Enroll this person.”
  14. To add a person who is not yet in the database: Select “Is NOT already in Shepherd’s Staff.” The Personal Information window displays with an additional section to input the name of the head of household.
  15. Fill out the information and click “Enroll this Person.”

Search Options

» If you type letters, the grid filters to show just the names that match the pattern you entered (“John” finds all Johns). The results appear in the grid.

» If you type an ID number, then the grid jumps to that person in the grid, instead of filtering.

» If you are using barcodes, click in the Search box and then scan the barcode. The grid jumps to the person matching that ID.

Search Filters

There are five search filters that work in conjunction with the Search box.

» “All enrollees” displays all of the children enrolled in the Event.

» “Present” displays the enrollees marked as Present.

» “Not present” displays the enrollees who have not yet checked in for the day.

» “Still here” displays those enrollees marked as Present who have not yet been checked out.

» “Checked out” displays those enrollees who have been picked up by their parents or guardians.

Remember that the only people that will show for this Event are people that are enrolled for that Event. These enrollees are set in Shepherd’s Staff Attendance when editing the Event.

You can enroll a person who is already in the church database, or you can enroll a new person. If you enroll a new person, the program does the following:

» Creates a Household record for the enrollee using the last name of the Head of Household and the address and phone information you entered. The Household Type is set to Visitor.

» Creates a Visitor record for the Head of Household and attaches that to the household.

» Creates a Visitor record for the enrollee and attaches that to the household. Note: Anyone under 18 years old is marked as a Child; anyone 18 or older, or who does not have a birthdate entered, is marked as Other.

» Enrolls the person in the Event.

There are two methods for checking a person out of Secure Check-In:

» Check-out button—Marks the highlighted person as Checked Out (providing they are marked as Present), and fills in the check-out time. This is just an alternate way to check children out; you can also click the Checked Out box, or (if using barcodes) use the Barcode Check-out window.

» Barcode Check-out—Displays the barcode check-out tool that lets you scan/match the parent’s ticket with the child’s name badge. It includes an auto check-out feature that allows you to check out children using only your barcode scanner. See Barcode Check-out for details. Note: This button only appears if the Event you’ve selected is set to print barcoded labels (see “Setting Up Shepherd’s Staff Attendance Events”).

To check enrollees out using a barcode scanner:

  1. Make sure the cursor is in the Receipt / Ticket field and then scan the barcode on the parent’s ticket. If a match is found (i.e. a child who is enrolled in the selected Event), the name, age, Sunday School grade and section (if entered), and picture appear, and the cursor jumps to the Name badge field.
  2. Scan the child’s name badge. If the barcode matches, you get the “Matched!” message, and you can then click Check-out to check the child out.
  3. Click New Scan to clear the screen for a new barcode scan.
  4. Alternately, you can use the automatic check-out feature. Just mark the “Automatically check-out on match” box. When you do this, the child is automatically checked out and the screen resets for a new scan. This means that, if you have a line of children to checkout, you can simply scan the parent’s ticket, then scan the child’s name badge, and if they match, you can move on to the next child without having to do anything at the computer.






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