A Note about Secure Events [Legacy]


Secure Events show in a different section of the Check-In program than do regular Events. An Event cannot be both secure and un-secure at the same time. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider which Events will be secure, and you will likely need to create new Events for each Event you wish to be secure.

For example, let’s suppose you currently have an Event called “Sunday Morning Worship,” and you have a kiosk set up in the foyer for church members to use to record their attendance. During worship, you have a nursery downstairs that watches small children, and you would like to implement the Check-In software down in the nursery area.

If you were to mark “Sunday Morning Worship” as “secure,” the Event would no longer appear in the kiosk in the church foyer, and no one would be able to record attendance to it. Instead, it would appear only on the “Secure Check-In/Out” window on the computer down in the nursery area.

The solution is simple. Instead of making “Sunday Morning Worship” a secure Event, create a new Event for the nursery activity (such as “Sunday Morning Nursery”), and then mark that new Event as “secure.” That lets church members record their attendance to Worship and the nursery to record the children it is watching.

Also, we recommend creating as few secure Events as needed, grouping similar activities into a single Event. For example, if you have a worship service on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening, and you offer nursery during each one, create a single “Nursery” Event and reuse it for each occasion. That way you will only need to manage one set of enrollees (since it is likely the same children the nursery watches during each worship Event). Secure Events operate off of enrollees (the people listed on the Enrollees folder), and so the more secure Events you have, the more sets of enrollees you will need to maintain.

Of course, if you desire more detail about distinct nursery instances, you might find that creating three separate nursery Events provides you with the reports you need, and that’s fine. We only caution you against making things too complex since you might regret that complexity further down the road.

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