Kiosk Settings for Events [Legacy]


If you plan on using the kiosk program, you will need to set up your Events to work with the kiosk.

You will need to:

» Set which kiosks the Event will show up at.

» Decide if these Events are just for a day or for a pattern of days.

» Choose the block of time the Event will show on the kiosk.

» Pick which users can see this Event on the kiosk.

Under “On these kiosks” you will see the name of each kiosk computer that has been registered with the database. (The computer name is assigned to each machine by the person who sets up your church network).

This registration occurs automatically when you start the Check-In program on the kiosk and connect it to the church database. If you do not see the correct kiosks listed, make sure you have installed the Check-In program on those computers, and have started Check-In and connected it to the database. You can also add and remove kiosks by clicking the Edit button.

  1. Go to “Records” in the menu bar and choose “Events/Enrollees.”
  2. Highlight the Event you want to set up and click Edit. Go to the Kiosk Settings tab.
  3. To pick the kiosks this Event will show on, click the Edit button. Choose the Event and click OK.
  4. Choose if you want this Event to show just for a specific date or a pattern. For the pattern you can choose a specific month or all months and then pick the weekdays. So for worship that happens on Sundays and Wednesdays you will probably want to pick all the months and then select Wednesdays and Sundays for the weekdays.
  5. Now you can pick the time of day. Remember that this isn’t the exact time the Event is occurring, but instead it’s the block of time when the Event shows on the kiosk.
  6. You can also pick which people see this Event on the kiosk. “Anyone” is recommended.
  7. Click OK to save the settings.


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