Setting up Attendance Events [Legacy]


Both the Attendance Kiosk and the Secure Check-In will use the attendance Events you have in the Attendance Module. There are tabs for Kiosk Settings and Check-In Settings on each Event you have. This means that every Event has the ability to be seen on the kiosk, but as we will see, only the Event you pick will be seen.

You will probably find setting up Events to be the most complex part of the Check-In program. However, once set up, the Check-In application becomes automated, creating attendance Events as needed. In other words, you do not have to manually create attendance Events each week and assign them to kiosks.


The kiosk (and Secure Check-In) only add people into a Batch for a single Attendance Type. So in the case with more than one Attendance Type, the kiosk only checks people in for the first type it encounters, going sequentially from Type 1 to Type 5.

For example, say your church has an Event such as “Worship & Communion” which has two types, “1. Worship” and “2. Communion.” This means in our example that people will be recorded as attending Worship, but not Communion. The reason behind this is obvious: Not all attendees will necessarily be partaking of the sacrament of Communion.

Churches will need to go back into the Batch after the fact and record those who partook of Communion. For this reason, we have added a way of quickly changing the “2. Communion” type for “Attendees in Batch.”

See the page on “Attendance Batches” for more information.

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