Customizing the Kiosk’s Appearance


The kiosk can be customized in various ways to make it match your church’s color themes and fonts, seasonal or holiday colors, etc.

These settings are on the local machine and specific to each kiosk station. Therefore changing the settings of one kiosk does not change those of another. This allows you to tailor different kiosks to different purposes.

In order to access the settings, open the Check-In application and click the Settings button.

  1. Click inside the Top or Bottom text box to set or change the Splash Screen text. When you do so, a “Text and Font Selection” window appears. Both the font and font size are applied to the text.
  2. The kiosk starts out with a default Shepherd’s Staff graphic. You can change this to the church logo or to another picture by clicking in the field. A browse window will open, allowing you to find the picture you want to use on your computer.
  3. You can change the background and foreground colors of the kiosk window and the color of the buttons that appear on that window. Click one of the four color boxes to open the color selection window. The color selection window provides a predefined color set and allows you to lighten and darken that set to expand your color options.
  4. Adjust the font that appears on the general kiosk windows, on buttons, and for certain data elements by clicking in the boxes. Note that font size, while it can be selected, is ignored within the kiosk. This prevents accidentally over- or under-sizing a font, which could result in unreadable text in the kiosk.
  5. Choose how you want people to search for their name under the “People can search by” field.
  6. You can require a PIN to close the Splash Screen if desired. Selecting this option allows you to prevent unauthorized (or accidental) closure of the kiosk by assigning a one-to-four-digit PIN code. When the Back button is clicked on the splash screen, a message box appears requesting the PIN code.
  7. The option for automatically printing name badges does not apply to the kiosk. It is discussed under the section on Using Secure Check-In.
  8. If you wish to change the database the kiosk is connected to, you can do so by clicking Change under “Church Database.”
  9. If you have the DYMO label printer installed, you can choose that under “Label Printer.”

The “People can search by” controls how people search for their records:

» Either their name or their phone number—Starts out displaying the Search by Name window, but allows switching to the Search by Phone window.

» Either their phone number or their name—Starts out displaying the Search by Phone window, but allows switching to the Search by Name window.

» Name only—Displays the Search by Name window with no option to Search by Phone.

» Phone number only—Displays the Search by Phone window with no option to Search by Name.

Note: Using phone number only supplies a level of anonymity that might be desirable in some situations, since it limits the households that will display in the search results. By contrast, using the Search by Name method displays all households that match the typed text, so for example typing the letter “S” by itself would display every household starting with “S.”



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