Attendance Kiosk [Legacy]


The Attendance Kiosk application allows you to set up a computer where people enter your church and check themselves in for worship. You can think of this as a self-serve station for the Attendance module.

This program includes the ability to:

» Assign any number of Events to a kiosk.

» Automate when various Events appear on a given kiosk.

» Set what month and day of the week an Event appears on the kiosk(s). This means that Sunday Events only appear on Sunday, Wednesday Events only on Wednesday, and seasonal Events only during the appropriate range of months. (You can also specify a one-time Event that only appears on a given date).

» Set the time of day when the Event appears on the kiosk(s). For example, you can set up Sunday morning worship to appear on the kiosk in the morning and Sunday evening worship to appear on the kiosk in the evening. (Note: These two features mean that the kiosk program is automated! Once you get the Event set up, it will run itself, creating attendance Batches automatically as needed!)

» Print name badges at the time the person records his or her attendance.

» Have visitors register from within the kiosk, which automatically adds them to the database and then permits them to record their attendance.

» Tailor the display of the kiosk, including setting background and foreground colors, font, and the initial splash screen graphic.

» Limit which people can record attendance for a given Event. For example, you can limit a business meeting to only church members, or a board meeting to only board members.

» This kiosk works with modern wide screen touchscreen monitors which are now the industry standard. Existing 4:3 aspect monitors may not work well (if at all) due to the screen real estate required for the new kiosk design. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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