Secure Check-In [Legacy]


This Secure Check-In application is used for checking in children who need to be securely watched over during the church service, and who require visible verification at pick-up time to make sure the correct person is picking up the correct child.

» Note: This manual will be referring to children throughout this document for simplicity, but the Check-In feature also works for elderly parent daycare and other situations where an individual needs to be supervised by church staff.

Keep in mind that the Secure Check-In does not operate as a kiosk but as a desktop application. In other words, is designed for mouse/keyboard use. It was designed to make sure children arrive and leave in an organized, monitored manner, which meant that a self-service kiosk would not work at the present time.

Some of the features of the Secure Check-In include:

» Allowing you to print a name badge and a ticket/receipt. The name badge is put on the child, and the ticket is given to the parent or guardian.

» Ability to assign a unique ID number to each child which cannot be changed. The ID number prints on both the name badge and the ticket.

» If additional security is desired, the number can be printed as a bar code. When the parent/guardian returns to pick up the child, a barcode scanner can be used to scan the ticket/receipt, and then to scan the child’s name badge, at which point the two codes are compared for a match.


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