Sunday School / Church Class Roster [Legacy]


This report gives teachers a separate roster for each Sunday School grade. The completed report will have room for seventeen dates, which can be incremented by day or by week. This report also contains a blank form that can be used to write in names and track attendance. Phone numbers may be substituted for the child’s birth date.

  1. Go to “Reports” in the menu bar and select “Sunday School/Church Class Roster”.
  2. Start by choosing whom you want on this report; you can choose “All Sunday School people” (everyone with something in the “Sunday School Grade” field), a subgroup, or a single grade.
  3. Under “Report type”, choose your desired option. The four types available are “Group by grade/class”, “Group by grade/class + section”, “Master list, no grouping”, and “Blank form”.
  4. Enter the date for the roster to start at.
  5. Select how you want the dates to increase (by day or by week).
  6. Type the teacher’s name into the “Teacher” field.
  7. In the “Notes” field, type in any other instructions or information you need.
  8. Choose any extra data you want to include by checking the boxes in the “Include” section.
  9. Click “Preview” to view the report or “Print” to send it to a printer.



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  • Hi - I'm looking for updated information for the new version of the Attendance module. I don't see a way to customize reports in the same way. Specifically - removing the "No Class Assigned" designation that prints out for each attendee. Also, is there a way to generate a roster based on the event enrollees, or do you have to update a separate subgroup?

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