Event Enrollees


The Event Enrollees Report contains six different pre-made reports. You must have enrollees for at least one Event to use this report.

» Attendance Roster/Checklist—This is a great report for taking roll call during an Event. It has names in four columns with a check box by each name.

» Contact List—Similar to the checklist, this report prints in landscape but with only one line per person, and it includes extra contact information.

» Enrollees not attending for the last—Show just the enrollees who have not attended for a specified number of days. Removed persons are included.

» Non-enrolled Members attending at least twice in the past 30 days—Allows a user to find Members that have attended an Event (selected from the drop-list) twice in a 30-day time period that are not yet marked as enrollees.

» Other Non-enrolled persons attending at least twice in the past 30 days—Same as the previous report, except no Members filter.

» Potential enrollees—Provides a list of NON-removed persons who are not currently enrolled. You can apply additional criteria based on gender, member status, and age.

  1. Go to Reports and choose “Event Enrollees.”
  2. Choose the Event from the drop-down box as well as whether or not you want it grouped a certain way.
  3. Choose the type of report you want to run.
  4. If you are running the “Enrollees not attending for the last:” report, make sure you pick the time period you want.
  5. If you are using the potential enrollee report, make sure to fill out the gender, age, and membership criteria you want.
  6. Once you have chosen the report you want, click Preview to view that report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.
  7. You can also make a static Subgroup of any of these reports by clicking the Static button.

Note: Remember you can add or remove enrollees by editing the Event from the Event grid.



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