Perfect / Missed Attendance


The Perfect Attendance Report is a great report for Sunday School awards or to see who is attending meetings, etc.

It identifies people who have attended every occurrence of an Event as well as allowing a tolerance for missed attendance if desired.

The Tolerance setting lets you specify how many times a person may miss and still be considered to have Perfect Attendance.

» Perfect Attendance—Looks for only those people who have attended every instance of the Event during the time period.

» Within—If the person missed less than or equal the amount you put in this box, he or she will still show on the report.

» Missed attending more than—This is opposite of the within option. If they missed more than or the same number as you put in this box, they will show on the report.

This report also contains a Static button which allows you to make a static Subgroup of the people shown in this report. Then you can use that Subgroup to create a phone call list, send an email, or even create mailing labels.

  1. Click on reports and select “Perfect / Missed Attendance.”
  2. Choose if you want to run this report for all people or just a Subgroup.
  3. There are several options for sorting, so choose the one you need.
  4. Choose any extra data you want from the include box. The Page Break option is not available when sorting by Name.
  5. Choose the date range you want to search within.
  6. There are several options under the filter section. Keep in mind that the more filters you choose, the fewer results you will get. For most situations you probably just want to pick one of these: Event, grade, ministry group, or person assigned.
  7. Now choose a tolerance based on the criteria listed to the left.
  8. When you have the settings you want, click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.
  9. If you wish to make a static Subgroup of the names in this report, click the Static button.



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