Weekly Attendance Pattern [Legacy]


The Weekly Attendance Pattern Report displays the information from the Attendance Summary records for each person, showing the number of times attended during each week of the specified year(s). In addition, the report identifies those who have had a significant change in attendance, and flags them with an asterisk (*).

Significant Changes show that a person may not be attending as often as normal, or he or she may be attending more often. They are determined on a person-by-person basis by analyzing how that person attends. One person may have attended once per month, and now is attending once every two months; for that person, there is a significant change. Another person may have attended once per month and now is attending every week; for that person, there is a significant change.

In addition, the change in attendance must be for more than just a few weeks, which prevents false alarms for those who are away on vacation or otherwise out of town.

Click F1 on your keyboard if you want to know the formula for determining Significant Changes.

  1. This report can be run for all people, a Subgroup, or even a single person or household.
  2. You can also choose to print the report for only those with a significant change, giving you a convenient follow-up list for calls or visitation.
  3. Pick the years you want. You can do multiple years or just one.
  4. Choose the sort by option that works best for your needs.
  5. Pick which attendance types you want this report to be based on
  6. Finally include any options in the “Include” area by checking the boxes.
  7. Click Preview to view this report.
  8. When this report prints, it shows a line of numbers. There is a number for each week of the year. That means that the 1–5 numbers on top stand for the 10th–50th weeks of the year and the pluses stand for 5, 15, etc.
  9. Within the data, the zero stands for no attendance during that week and a number means that person came that many times that week. If you find this hard to read, you can change the zeroes to another character using the “Character for No Attendance” option field.



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