By Person by Week


Starting with the most recent Sunday, this window shows the data for the specified event type broken out by calendar week.

The reason for analyzing by calendar week instead of occurrence is that many events can share the same attendance type(s), Consequently, there is not a set group of “occurrences” for a given type.

The goal of this tab is to identify those attenders who may have moved to a different service such as switching from “Morning Worship” to “Evening Worship” due to a work schedule change.

» Filters—These work the same as those from the previous page except “Occurrences” is now name “Weeks.”

Note: In Shepherd’s Staff the calendar weeks begin on a Sunday and end on a Saturday.

  1. You can access this window by first going to Records and then choosing “Events / Enrolllees.” You can also click on the first “E” in the toolbar. Both of these will open the Event Records window. 
  2. Once there click on the “By Person by Week” tab to access this information.
  3. Start by choosing the event type you want to see as well as the number of weeks.
  4. Next pick “Who” you want to see and what particular “Pattern” for which you are looking.
  5. Like other windows, if you want to sort by a certain column simply highlight that entire column and click the “Sort” button.
  6. If you want to see a particular person’s information either double click that row or click the “Fast Facts” button while that row is highlighted.
  7. Due to the calculations of this window, if you want to print it you will need to export it to a spreadsheet using the button at the bottom.



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