By Person by Occurrence


This window allows you to see how much a person attends a particular event, including the last time they attended, the percentage they attend, and which recent events they attended.

Filters help you explore the attendance patterns of your congregation.

» Event—Pick any of your currently active events. Click on the “Events” tab to see your list of events.

» Occurrences—This is the number of occurrences you want to show in the window (6, 12, 26, 52, or 106).

» Who—Lets you select from a variety of member/non-member groups. The “show removed” setting is applied to the selected group.

» Name Like—If you want to filter the list for just a certain name simply type that name in this field.

» Pattern—Offers several useful presets, such as those with no attendance, perfect attendance, and 50% attendance.

» Subgroup—Gives you the flexibility to analyze attendance using any subgroup of people.

For more information on any of these filters press F1 on your keyboard.

  1. You can access this window by first going to Records and then choosing “Events / Enrolllees.” You can also click on the first “E” in the toolbar. Both of these will open the Event Records window. Once there click on the “By Person by Occurrence” tab to access this information.
  2. Start by choosing the event you want to see as well as the number of occurrences.
  3. Next pick “Who” you want to see and what particular “Pattern” for which you are looking.
  4. Like other windows, if you want to sort by a certain column simply highlight that entire column and click the “Sort” button.
  5. If you want to see a particular person’s information either double click that row or click the “Fast Facts” button while that row is highlighted.
  6. Due to the calculations of this window, if you want to print it you will need to export it to a spreadsheet using the button at the bottom.



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