Year Summary


Each Attendance Year Summary record represents a year of attendance for the church as a whole. These records are automatically created and maintained when you post an Attendance Batch or add/edit records from the Attendance Record or Event Summary grids.

The data in the Summary can be adjusted by editing or changing the numbers, but keep in mind that these records are derived directly from Attendance Records, so you may want to add or edit Attendance records instead.

There is no need to add these yearly summaries manually unless you wish to enter a prior year’s history. You may only have one Attendance Year Summary per year.

All five attendance types have 4 separate columns:

» Visitors—Visitors are defined by the “Participation” field. Go to the Main Menu utilities > Settings > Attendance Tab to see how your visitors are defined.

» Non-visitors—All people who are not classified as Visitors.

» Totals—The total of non-visitors and visitors.

» Events—The number of times the Event occurred during the specified year.

  1. Access the Attendance Year Summary grid by clicking Records in the menu bar and selecting “Attendance Year Summary.” You can also click the “Y” button on the toolbar.
  2. Year Summaries can be added for prior years by clicking Add and entering the data.
  3. To Edit / View an existing Summary Record, highlight the record and click Edit / View.
  4. Year Summaries contain statistics for Visitors /Non-visitors and averages. 
  5. The Attendance Year Summary grid has a unique graphing ability. To graph a column of information (a comparison of years for that category), click on the column header, and then Graph.
  6. Holding the CTRL button down allows multiple column headers to be chosen for more complex Graphs.



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