Attendance Summary


Each Attendance Summary record contains the attendance for one person for one year. These records are automatically created and maintained when you post an Attendance Batch. There is no need to add them manually unless you wish to enter a prior year’s history.

Attendance Summary records are also automatically created or updated when you add or edit records from the Attendance Record grid. You may only have one summary per person per year.

Note: Adding or editing an Attendance Summary does not create or update an Event Summary or an Attendance Year Summary.

  1. To access Attendance Summaries, click on Records in the menu bar and select “Attendance Summary.”
  2. Each of the records in the window will show one person’s Attendance Summary for one year.
  3. Within those records it shows the last time the person attended each attendance type, as well as how many times that person came to each attendance type that year.
  4. You cannot edit these records, as they are determined by the attendance records in the Attendance Records grid.
  5. The grid will show only one year for one person, but can contain many years for one individual. Attendance Summaries can be added manually by clicking Add. 
  6. When you view a record, you will get a list of 1s and 0s showing when this person attended. There will be a 1 or 0 for each week of the year. You can click the switch button to change the characters to something other than 0s.
  7. From this window you can also graph this person’s attendance and attach a note.
  8. When you are done viewing the summary, click OK to exit the window.



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