Posting a Batch


While the Batch is in the Attendance Batch window and prior to posting, we have a few different actions we can take with that Batch:

» Add Visitors to the Batch—This is used for when you don’t have names for some of the attendees. So if you have 20 people in the Batch but you know the head count was 25, you can use the Visitors button to add 5 more people to the total.

» Add a Note to the Batch—This button allows information to be keyed in about the Event, like the sermon topic.

» Print the Batch—Unlike offering Batches, attendance Batches do not automatically print when posted, so you may want to do that prior to posting.

All these actions take place in the Attendance Batch Grid. To access this Grid, click on Batches, and then Attendance Batches. You can also click the “B” icon on the toolbar.

Add Visitors

  1. To add visitors to the Batch, click the Visitors button while the Batch is highlighted.
  2. On the window that opens, it will show you how many visitors are currently in the Batch, and then allow you to enter in the rest under the Other column. Then you can type in the names of the visitors in the notes area if known.

Add a Note

  1. To add a note to the Batch, click the Note button while the Batch is highlighted.
  2. This window could be used for typing in information about the Batch or the Event itself.

Print the Batch

  1. To print the Batch, click the Preview button while the Batch is highlighted.
  2. This will open a preview of the Batch that you can then print.

Post the Batch

  1. When you are ready to finish the Batch, click the Post button.
  2. After the Batch is posted, each person in the Batch gets an Attendance record and the Batch disappears.


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