Setting up Text Messaging [Legacy]


Note: Text messaging needs the same features as sending emails, so make sure you have completed the steps on the “Setting up Email” page first.

On the Contact Tab of the Person Record, to the right of the cell phone, is a new “Carrier” choice list.

Picking the “Carrier” for this cell phone number allows it to be used for text messaging in the software.

If you don’t see the carrier you need, you will need to add the carrier to the list (or edit the carrier if applicable).

Requirements for carrier list:

» The Carrier Name can be up to 20 characters, and the Domain up to 40 characters.

» The Domain does not allow any characters other than letters and periods.

» Uppercase letters are automatically changed to lowercase.

» There is no need to prefix the domain with an @ sign because that is automatically added whenever you send a text message.

» You cannot have two carriers with the same name.

  1. To make changes to a carrier, click the Edit button (which appears to the right of the choice list as a pencil icon).
  2. This will open the Carrier Editing window.
  3. The list on the left shows all of the current carriers and domains.
  4. To change a carrier’s name or domain, highlight it in the list, make your changes in the upper right, and click Save. Important: As with most other choice lists, changing the name of a carrier will essentially unlink it from people’s records. After changing a carrier name, you should use the Mass Update Utility to change existing information on Person Records, or, if you renamed it by mistake, simply add back the previous carrier using the New button (see below).
  5. To add a new carrier, click New (which clears the Carrier Name and Domain) and fill in the data, and then click Save.
  6. To remove a carrier from the list, highlight it and click Delete.




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