Sending Email [Legacy]


The Send Email window can be opened from several areas in the Membership module such as the toolbar, a household or person record, or the contact tab of the people or household grid, as well as the activities, skills, and training grid.

Look for the Send Email icon to know if emailing is possible from the window you are on.

To access the Send Email window, click on Tools in the menu bar and select Send Email.

This brings up a blank, unsent email with the current user’s “default from” email address automatically put in.

Pressing the To button allows access to the email addresses in the database.

This window will show all email addresses that have been keyed into the database. The emails shown can be filtered by a subgroup, an activities, skills, and training list, or by the household newsletter list. You can also limit which emails are shown for a person or household using the “Show” options. Choose the people to whom you want to send this email by checking the boxes next to their names. Select or de-select all addresses by clicking the double arrows on the right side of the window.

  1. Fill in the subject for this email.
  2. File attachments can be added to the email by clicking on the Folder button and attaching the file. The X button next to the “folder” removes the attachment if necessary.
  3. Type in the message you want to say to the email recipients. If you have a saved message template, you can access it by clicking on the Message Library button.
  4. The Message Library stores message templates you have created. From this window you can select a message, edit an existing message, or create a new message. Keep in mind that these messages are only templates and can still be edited after they are placed in the email.
  5. Once the email is ready, click Send to pass the email data to your default email program.



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