Reminders Tool [Legacy]


The Reminders feature allows you to flag certain events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Once flagged, Membership keeps track of the events and reminds you, when you enter Membership, that an event is about to happen. You can even display personal reminders, messages to yourself that pop up on schedule when you enter Membership.

The Reminders feature is available to all users (except for the Schedule Visits section, which requires security rights to Visits). In addition, the Reminders feature stores information by user, so each user can have their own settings and personal reminders.

  1. To set a Reminder (say, Birthdays), click on the box. 
  2. Now set the amount of days to be reminded ahead of time. Checking the “Repeat the reminder until the event” box will catch events within the number of reminder days. So if you set it to 5 days, it will also catch events that are only 3 days away.
  3. Now close the window and exit Membership.
  4. When a user goes into Membership and sees a light bulb icon, the user should click on that icon to launch the Reminders window.
  5. Click on the tab that represents the dates being reminded. 
  6. From here, clicking on the Go To button will open up the Person Record of the relevant individual.
  7. You can also use the Create Subgroup button which will create a Static Subgroup that can then be used in Reports, such as Labels!



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