Parochial Report [Legacy]


The Parochial Report is a non-denomination specific report that provides a summary of membership changes and information for your church for a specific year. Use the parochial report only if there is not a denominational specific report for your congregation’s church body or organization. If your church does use this report, you may find the Church Statistics Report useful in providing certain statistics that are not included on the Parochial Report.

The Parochial Report is divided into four sections, covering various areas of your ministry:

» Membership Information—This section summarizes your membership changes and reports current membership totals.

» Education and Attendance—This section lists each Sunday School/Church School grade and each training class with the number of member and nonmember enrollees.

» Statistical Information—This section summarizes attendance information and reports average attendance and communion statistics.

» Financial Support Information—This section summarizes the pledge and offering status for the congregation.

  1. Select Reports from the Membership menu.
  2. Select the Parochial Report from the list of reports.
  3. Before you print the Parochial Report, make sure that all of your membership information is up to date. Enter any new households or people; fill in the Removed By fields for people who transferred or died; enter and post all attendance and offering Batches; and make sure pledge information is up-to-date.
  4. If any of these fields are not filled in correctly, the report numbers will not be accurate: Member/Nonmember status, Participation, Date Received, Received By, Date Removed, Removed By, Baptized, Date Baptized, Confirmed, Date Confirmed, Ethnic Origin, Sunday School/Church School Grade, and Training Class information.
  5. The “Calculate the Report As Of” drop list contains dates of previously generated Parochial Reports. If you want to create a new report, enter the date here.
  6. Make sure to enter the correct age cutoff for children that is appropriate for your congregation.
  7. Click Print to send this report to the printer.



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