Church Statistics Report [Legacy]


The Church Statistics Report provides you with geographic and demographic information about your congregation. The Report Setup window has two Tabs: Define Members and Select Reports. The Church Statistics Report provides many different statistical reports. Each report is broken down by Member / Non-member, Male / Female, Adult / Child, depending on how the report is set up.

The first step in creating this report is defining who is a Member by making selections from the following options:

» Define Members: This tells the program who is a Member and who isn’t based on the check boxes marked. Everyone in the database will print in the statistics; however, only those that match the check box criteria will be counted as Members. The more check boxes used, the more specific Members (fewer People counted as Members).

» Age cut-off for children: This number sorts people into Child or Adult categories.

» Membership Year: Select a year to get that year’s statistics.

» Ending in: This allows congregations to get statistics up to a specific month of the selected Membership Year.

Click Save Definition to save the Member settings when the report is closed.

  1. Once the correct boxes are checked, the Age is set for children, and the Membership Year is chosen, click on the Select Reports tab.
  2. After the Define Members tab is filled in correctly, you can click on Preview to see the definition summary page, or you can click on Select Reports to choose the specific statistics report you want to run.
  3. On the Select Reports tab, the report that will print is the one you highlight. You can only print one report at a time.
  4. Most of the reports, including Age, City, School Grade, etc, can be printed by the numbers or with individual names. To get individual names that make up the statistics, click on the Show Detail box under Options. Reports that Show Detail puts page breaks after each category within the report. To make the report continuous with no page breaks, select the Continuous box.
  5. There are also two filters provided that allow you to include removed people and/or include deceased people.
  6. Once the report is selected, click on Preview to view the report.

Note: Keep in mind that the Church Statistics Report only provides numbers based on how the user defines a Member. The Define Members tab does not work as a filter, and only those Removed will be excluded (unless the box to include them is checked).



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