Membership Statistics [Legacy]


Shepherd’s Staff contains a few different options for viewing and reporting your membership statistics. Those options include:

» Church Dashboard

» Membership Statistics Window

» Church Statistics Report

» Denomination Specific Reports

  1. You can access this window by going to “Records” in the menu bar and selecting “Statistics.”
  2. This window gives you statistics based on membership status, baptized status, and confirmed status. It really allows you to see a summarized history of your church’s membership.
  3. If you have these numbers for years prior to when you started using Shepherd’s Staff, you can add them using the Add button.
  4. These numbers can also be graphed to give you a visual representation, or even exported to Excel if needed.
  5. For more information on how these numbers are calculated or for more instruction on adding previous years, press F1 on your keyboard.



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