“Parents of” Report [Legacy]


This report prints children along with their parents or guardians, as well as the contact information for the child and for each parent. Parents are determined by taking Head of Household and Spouse.

You have four criteria options for which children to include on the report. You can pick any combination of criteria as the effect is additive. Keep in mind that the report will not print anyone over 18 years old, or who is not marked as Child or Other.

» Age range—You can restrict the report to print for any age range between 0 and 18.

» School name—This is a list of all Current Schools from the choice list on the Person Record.

» School grade—This is a list of all Current Grades from the choice list on the Person Record.

» Sunday School grade / section—There are two lists here, one with the Sunday School grades and one for the Sections, both from the choice lists on the Person Record.

If you don’t see a child that should be on this report, your first troubleshooting step should be clicking the Find Problems button. For more details on “Find Problems,” press F1 on your keyboard. You can print for all children, or for a subgroup of children.

  1. There are several options for sorting this report. Choose the one that works best for you.
  2. Choose which criteria you want to use for which children should go on the report.
  3. You can print the Household Primary address, or the Household Alternate if in effect (else it prints the Primary). If you print for alternate addresses, then they are flagged as such on the report.
  4. Once all settings have been selected, click Preview to view the report.
  5. You can also choose Mailing Labels or Export to Spreadsheet as alternate methods of use for this data. 
  6. If you are using the Mailing Labels, make sure you pick the appropriate options for your needs under the “Mailing Labels” section on the report.



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