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The Photo Directory for Shepherd’s Staff is located within the Report Writer. In fact, because of this you can turn any saved Membership report you have into a report with pictures attached.

  1. This feature may be activated on the Format and Layout tab of the Report Writer. You can choose a “Photo Directory by Person” or a “Photo Directory by Household.”
  2. For the “by Person” option, you have the ability to choose the square size for your images. 
    • 1-square—This prints a square image using the default image selected on each person’s record, with the person’s data to the right of the picture. For example, if you have the small square selected for a given person, that square is what prints here. However, if you have the original image selected as the default, it will resize (skew) that image to fit into the square.
    • 2-square—Larger variation of the 1-square.
    • 2-variable—Version of 2-square that prints the original image, regardless of the default selected on the Person Record. This means it handles portrait, landscape, and square—all three. The “variable” formats handle 4:3 aspect ratio (both portrait and landscape), 3:2 aspect ratio (both portrait and landscape), and 1:1 aspect ratio (square). For landscape images, the photo is cropped on the left and on the right (i.e., the center remains).
    • 3-default square—Larger variation of 2-square, but with all text below the photo.
    • 3-variable—Larger version of 2-variable, but with all text below the photo.
    • 3-large square—Works similar to 3-default square, but ONLY uses the larger of the two squares, regardless of the default image selected. The reason for using this is that in many cases the smaller square may get stretched too much (e.g., look grainy or distorted).
  3. Your best method may be a trial and error on the different sizes until you find the one you like the best.
  4. Click Preview to view your photo directory.



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