Photo Manager [Legacy]


Now that we have seen how to add a photo to a single record using the Photo Editor, we are going to take a look at adding several photos at one time. The tool we are going to use to complete this is the Photo Manager.

When this tool comes up, you will notice that it looks the same as Photo Editor. The difference now is that we have the list of households and people on the left-hand side, which helps us quickly change between each record. You can even filter for members only, or only show people without a photo. This will help with making sure that all member households have an image for when you print out the photo directory.

It’s recommended that you work on household photos first, as Shepherd’s Staff will automatically provide the household photo as an option on the person record (this does work the other way, though).

  1. Access the Photo Manager by going into Membership and clicking Tools in the menu bar. Choose “Photo Manager.”
  2. Highlight the household record you want to work with and add an image (see the Photo Editor steps on the previous page).
  3. Once the household photo image is set, click on the People button next to households to access the people record images.
  4. You can choose a new image for the person or use a small section of the household image. Keep in mind that even though the household photo shows automatically on the person record, you still have to click Save on the person record to attach the image.
  5. If the record has a photo there will be a checkmark in the box under the “Photo?” column for that record.
  6. Once you are done adding images, simply click Close to exit the window.



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