Photo Editor


Every person and household record in Shepherd’s Staff can have a photo attached to it. Attach these photos with the Photo Editor.

You can use images from any of these three sources:

» File—Choose a file that is stored on your computer.

» Paste—Use an image you have copied to your Windows clipboard from the internet or another source.

» Camera—Move an image over directly from your camera.

Once you have an image selected, you can crop it by moving a box around inside the original image. You can do this by clicking inside the original image square. When you do that, you will see a box appear, and by moving the box around, you will change the image that shows inside the large and small squares. Then you can choose whether the original, large, or small square image works the best for this record.

  1. Access the Photo Editor by editing a person or household record. Click in the upper right hand corner of the record. This brings up the Photo Editor.
  2. Start by deciding if the image is coming from a file, the Windows clipboard, or from a camera. Click the choice you want.
  3. Choose the image you want from the window that comes up (paste will automatically insert the image).
  4. Now that the image is in the original square we can work on fine tuning the image size. Move the box around until the image looks good to you.
  5. You will only use one of these images for this record, so choose the one you like best by picking original, large, or small in the Default Image box.
  6. Once your image is set, click the Save button to save the image.



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