Fund Statements / Analysis


This report also provides statistical information about the Fund, such as the average given per Envelope, the average given per Offering, the highest and lowest offering, the number of days on which someone gave money to the Fund, and the average given per giving day; all broken down by Pledged and Unpledged Offerings.

This report contains five different reports:

» Statements—This report shows how a person is going towards their pledge to this fund. This information is very helpful for managing Pledge drives.

» List—Lists the contributors to this fund—You can sort it by envelope or total given.

» Overview—Shows you a summary of this fund’s information including pie graphs. The detail version lists the relevant offering records.

» Month Comparison—Compare months within the same year (includes graphs).

» 3-year Fund Total—Prints a 3-year comparison to see how the months stack up against prior years.

  1. Access this report by going to Reports and selecting “Fund Statements/Analysis.”
  2. You can run this report for all contributors, a Subgroup of contributors, or even just one contributor.
  3. Choose the Report type and Fund you want. You can only run this report for one fund at a time.
  4. Enter the date range for which you want to run this report.
  5. Click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.
  6. You can also make a dynamic Subgroup based on the criteria for this report by clicking the Dynamic button. The resulting window will tell you what the Subgroup is named. You can rename this Subgroup in the Subgroups Grid.



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