Statements and Mailing Label


Contribution statements are individual reports on offerings and pledges that can be used for tax-deduction purposes. We recommend using the Statements and Mailing Labels report to generate year-end statements, because the report meets the IRS requirements for charitable contribution acknowledgements as noted in IRS Publication 1771. (Go to to obtain this documentation.)

In order to print out a standard year-end detailed contribution statement for tax purposes, always check the following boxes when generating the report:

» Itemize Offerings—Lists each offering the contributor gave.

» Include Special Description—Includes data entered under the Special Description field for each offering.

» Group by Fund—Groups the offerings by which fund they were given to.

If pledges were active for any fund during the statement’s date range, also check “Group by Pledge within Fund” to include pledge information on the statement.

  1. Click “Reports” in the top menu.
  2. Select “Statements and Mailing Labels”. 
  3. Choose the appropriate “Who” options by selecting all contributors, a specific subgroup, or a specific envelope number. You can exclude people who prefer to get an emailed statement.
  4. Pick the mailing and formatting options. Using preprinted forms will not print the church name and address. Select this option if you will be using a custom letterhead.
  5. In the “What” section, select the date range for the report you are creating. This is where you can select whether to print a statement or labels to go with those statements.
  6. Under “Options”, select any options that apply for the statement that is being generated. The custom message can be added by selecting the “Message” button at the bottom of the window. Use the drop down to quickly select which message to add to the statement.
  7. To set up the intelligent mail barcode, select “Setup IMB” at the bottom of the window.