Ending a Pledge


When an active pledge is cancelled or changed in any manner, that pledge needs to be ended. If the pledge is getting cancelled, you just need to end the pledge.

If the pledge is being changed, you will need to start a new pledge after ending the original.

  1. Go to Contributors in the menu bar and choose “Details.”
  2. Choose the contributor whose pledge you need to end.
  3. From the Pledges tab, choose the active pledge you are ending.
  4. Click the “End” button.
  5. This will change the end date to the current date. (This can also be done manually by editing the pledge record and changing the end date).
  6. If you need to start a new pledge, click the Add button.
  7. Copy the information from the old pledge and make the necessary changes.
  8. The begin date should be the day after the end date so that the pledges do not overlap.
  9. Click OK to save the new pledge.