Adding a Pledge


There are two methods of adding a pledge. You can add a single pledge manually or you can add multiple identical pledges at one time using a utility.

This first method we will talk about is adding a single pledge manually.

  1. Go to Records in the menu bar and choose “Pledges.” You can also click the “P” icon on the toolbar. 
  2. Click the Add button on the Grid.
  3. Choose the contributor this pledge is for in the “Pledge Record For” field. A person must have an envelope to be in this list.
  4. Pick the Fund this pledge is for. If you need to add a fund, see the page on “Funds.”
  5. Enter the amount of this pledge. This amount should be based on the frequency of the pledge.
  6. Choose the frequency of this pledge. For definitions on these frequencies click F1 on your keyboard.
  7. Enter the pledge dates for this pledge. Pledges normally run for an entire year but by no means is that required.
  8. The Total Pledge will automatically multiply the “Amount” times the number of whole Frequencies between the Pledge Dates.
  9. After filling in the fields, click OK to save the Pledge.

To add multiple pledges:

  1. Click the “P” icon on the toolbar and click the icon to the right of the "Add" button, which looks like a plus sign and multiple pages. You can also go to "Utilities" in the menu bar and click "Add Pledge..."
  2. Select the fund, frequency, date range, and amount and click "Next"
  3. You will see a list of contributors filtered by the factors selected in the previous view. Choose which contributors you'd like to use by clicking the check-boxes next to their names. Click "Next"
  4. Check your work and click "Finish" to complete.