A Pledge is defined as a commitment of money over a specific amount of time to a specific Fund at the church. Pledges assist the congregation in setting monetary goals of giving to the church which in turn can help establish spending and budgets.

Pledges can also be used to track tuition or other programs that require regular giving. Since Pledges resemble bills, a Fund can be set up for the tuition with pledges for the payment terms. Using this method you could print statements for these individuals as well.

Pledges are kept within the Pledge Grid. This grid gives you an overview of your contributors’ pledges including their progress toward their pledges.

Before adding pledges, there are some rules in a separate article to keep in mind.

Note: Pledges can be fulfilled by a gift-in-kind. To find out more, see the Gifts-in-Kind section in this manual.

  1. In order to access the Pledges Grid, go to Records in the menu bar and choose Pledges.You can also click the “P” icon on the toolbar.
  2. When the grid opens, it defaults to showing only active pledges. You can tell a pledge is active when the current date is within the “Begin” and “End” dates.