Deleting a Contributor


When contributors are no longer being used, they are set to be “Skipped” and they get assigned an envelope number in the 10,000 range.

It’s recommended that you leave these contributors there as this will keep this contributor’s history in the database.

However, if you wish to delete contributors the time to do it is at the first of the year after you have verified your data, printed contribution statements, and made your year-end backups.

The process of deleting a contributor will disassociate a contributor from their offering records. In essence, this will keep the offering records in the database so the church offering history stays intact but you will no longer be able to find which offerings that contributor gave.

For this reason, we recommend the church print a statement for their own records of all offerings this contributor has given.

  1. In Contributions, go to “Records” in the menu bar, and choose “Contributors.” You can also click the second “C” on the toolbar.
  2. Find the contributor you want to delete and highlight their record.
  3. You will receive a window giving you options for the delete process.
  4. The suggested answer is “No” as that will remove the contributor while still keeping the offerings in the database. Keep in mind that even though these offerings will be there they won’t be associated with a contributor anymore and there will be no way to find out who gave them.
  5. If you receive a message saying the contributor has offerings in the current year, you will need to wait until the year rolls over to delete them.


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