Church Phone Book


The Church Phone Book Report is great for making a directory of all the contact information you have for a family. It generates a report listing all phone numbers and email addresses by household or person.

Another option that sets this report apart is the ability to run it for just a particular activity, skill, or training list. You will find this under the “Who” section.

  1. Start by selecting the format you want for this report. There is one standard format for Household and a few different options for Person.
  2. Next, choose if you want to group the records. You can group by Ministry Group or Person Assigned.
  3. Next, you need to select which records you want this report to run for under the “Who” section. You can run this report for all people, subgroup or an AST list. Also included are few filters for showing Members only, not showing removed people, and not including work contact information. You can choose all, none, or a combination of these filters.
  4. Finally choose any supplemental information you want from the “Include” section. For more information on what each option does, click F1 on your keyboard.
  5. Once you have the settings the way you want, then click Preview to view the report.



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