Church Directory Symbols


The Symbols tab allows you to mark certain people with a symbol based on their membership and participation.

  1. You may want to start by clicking Erase Symbols. Whenever symbols are printed, it will print for four options and not just the one you have selected. Therefore you want to make sure that all the other fields are empty except for the ones you want printed.
  2. Choose which fields you want to display symbols for. The options that show in the box will be the same options that are available on your database’s Person records.
  3. Once you have the field chosen, click in the box next to the option you want a symbol for. This box is a text entry box so all you need to do is type in the symbol you want. The example shown is using a “m” for Member and a “n” for Non-Member. Another popular option is putting an asterisk besides Non-Members. To do this you would just remove the “m” from Member so they don’t have a symbol and then change the “n” to an asterisk (*) symbol.
  4. Whenever you use symbols, a Legend is printed at the bottom of your directory. This will show what each symbol means. There is no way to hide the Legend but you can choose to show it just on the first page.
  5. If you are saving this report in your library, keep in mind that the symbols settings are saved with the report.
  6. After you have entered in your symbols, click Preview to view your directory with symbols.

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