Scheduled Visits [Legacy]


Scheduled Visits are used to show any visits that are scheduled in the future. This can help both you and your ministers keep track of who needs to be visited and when.

As with the Visit records, the Scheduled Visits Grid can be entered for Households or individual People. You can also sort and filter this grid the same way as visits using the drop-downs at the bottom right.

Since these visits are scheduled, two functions were added that will assist with the record entry. The first, Move, will take a Scheduled Visit, once it has been completed, and move it to the Visits Grid as a record of visitation. For this to work, you simply select the record you want to move and click the Move button.

The second, Auto, allows Scheduled Visits to be created automatically. This function is covered on the next page.

  1. To access Scheduled Visits from the Records menu, click on Records, then Visits, and choose Schedule Visits. You can also click on the Schedule button from the Visits Grid.
  2. To add a Scheduled Visit, click on Add. 
  3. Filling out a Scheduled Visit is the same as the Visit, only the field To Be Visited By is different, making this visit a future occurrence.
  4. When you are done, click OK to save the record.



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